3 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Bands

9 December 2020
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Wedding bands are an important symbol of your relationship and commitment to one another, so it is crucial that you put a lot of thought into them. These are the rings that you will be wearing for most of the rest of your life, so you need to get something that you love. Before you go and get a traditional gold wedding band, you might want to think about how this might impact your job or other aspects of your life. Read More 

Why Invest In A Bracelet For Your Regular Accessories?

26 August 2020
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When it comes to accessories, having a bracelet may be your best option. Whether you want something with a lot of pizzazz, such as a red crystal double bangle bracelet, or you are wanting something that's a bit more subtle in its design, like a sterling silver men's bangle bracelet, you should consider adding bracelets to your accessory line. Here are reasons why. You have a noticeable yet subtle piece of jewelry Read More 

Inherited Jewelry? 5 Reasons Appraisal Should Be Your Next Step

28 May 2020
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Have you inherited jewelry from a loved one? Right now, you may be thinking more about the love and sentiment behind this gift than about matters of money. But every heir who receives new — and potentially expensive — items of jewelry should arrange for an appraisal without delay. If this seems somewhat callous to you, consider these five practical reasons to do so. 1. You'll Need to Insure It Read More 

Why You Might Wish To Buy An Engagement Ring With A Flush Setting

14 February 2020
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In many engagement ring designs, the diamond sticks up above the ring. This is a look that many people favor, but it's not the only design that is available. If you're browsing the engagement rings in your local jewelry store, you'll likely notice some rings that have a flush setting. As its name suggests, this is a ring in which the diamond is set flush into the ring instead of set above it. Read More