3 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Bands

9 December 2020
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Wedding bands are an important symbol of your relationship and commitment to one another, so it is crucial that you put a lot of thought into them. These are the rings that you will be wearing for most of the rest of your life, so you need to get something that you love. Before you go and get a traditional gold wedding band, you might want to think about how this might impact your job or other aspects of your life. Here are three things you should consider when choosing your wedding bands.

Carefully Choose the Material

Many people find that gold and other softer metals don't hold up well against continuous use or the rigors of everyday life. Instead, why not choose a metal that is a lot more stable in even the most intense manual labor jobs, such as titanium. Titanium wedding bands are becoming more popular as their benefits are more thoroughly realized by more and more Americans. They also look quite sharp and are an interesting alternative to the gold color you see on most people's ring fingers.

Two Is Better Than One

Another way to solve this issue of wearing wedding bands that do not stand up to your level of physical activity is to have two different wedding bands. One for use when at home or going out to events, and one that won't scuff or break at your job. This also means that you feel a lot less scared of losing or breaking your wedding ring, allowing you to work with more freedom. You can find several tasteful wedding bands for work that will help you feel confident about not ruining your ring.

Plain Bands or Lots of Stones

This is something that you and your partner need to come together to decide on, as it will be the main feature of your wedding bands. Plain precious metal wedding bands are more common, but they are not for everyone. Some couples feel a lot more expressive than others, and it only makes sense for them to have diamonds or other precious and significant gems on their wedding bands. Don't feel pressured by anyone else, make your own choice. Just remember that having a back-up or secondary ring is even more preferable when your main one has valuable stones in it. 

To learn more about choosing wedding bands, contact a jeweler near you for their advice.