Why You Might Wish To Buy An Engagement Ring With A Flush Setting

14 February 2020
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In many engagement ring designs, the diamond sticks up above the ring. This is a look that many people favor, but it's not the only design that is available. If you're browsing the engagement rings in your local jewelry store, you'll likely notice some rings that have a flush setting. As its name suggests, this is a ring in which the diamond is set flush into the ring instead of set above it. You'll likely find a wide range of engagement rings that have this design, and one may catch your eye as the perfect ring for your significant other. Here are some reasons that you might wish to buy an engagement ring with a flush setting.

Your Partner Works With Her Hands

A lot of people prefer the flush setting design because of the sleekness of the ring. This may be the case for your significant other if she has a job that requires extensive use of her hands. For example, if she works as a chef, her hands might frequently get messy and she'd be unlikely to wear a bulky ring that she'd have to clean at the end of each day. A ring with a flush setting, meanwhile, won't get as messy because the diamond is set flush into the ring.

Your Partner Prefers Subtle Jewelry

You may be interested in buying this type of engagement ring simply because you know your significant other prefers subtle jewelry. While there are certainly lots of women who favor ring designs that make the diamond stand out, this isn't the case for everyone. An engagement ring with a flush setting still sparkles, but its shine may not be as evident as other styles of rings.

You're On A Budget

Another reason that you might wish to buy an engagement ring with a flush setting is that you're on a budget. While you'll find this style of engagement ring at many different prices, this style is frequently affordable for a few reasons. Most importantly, because the diamond is inset into the ring, the diamond tends to be smaller. A smaller diamond, of course, significantly influences the price of the ring. This can be a suitable type of engagement ring to buy if your finances are tight, but you still want to buy a proper ring for your upcoming proposal. A jewelry store salesperson can help you to pick out a ring that suits your budget and your significant other's style.