How To Keep Filigree Clean

25 July 2023
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Filigree is intricate and among the more beautiful flourishes that you can have on rings. It takes plain metal and turns it into a work of art, and it's something you want to keep clean and in good shape. Filigree requires more attention when cleaning than plain metal does, however.

Details Mean Crevices, and Crevices Need Attention

Filigree can be smooth or have little bumps in it (an effect known as Milgrain), but either way, the design has lots of details that form lots of tiny crevices. That means that filigree requires a lot more attention and care. It's still simple to clean, but you can't just give it a few swipes with a toothbrush and be done with it. Most of the time, you'll still soak the ring in a solution of water and mild dish soap, and then gently scrub the metal with a soft brush. But you'll want to spend more time brushing the filigree and paying attention to those crevices, specifically targeting them with the brush.

This Is One Ring You Need to Remove Occasionally

So many people keep their rings on when doing things like potting plants, kneading raw meat for meatloaf, and cleaning the house with things like bleach. All of that is going to make your filigree ring look very dingy very fast. Cleaning helps, obviously, but the crevices and depressions in filigree can fill up with gunk if you're not diligent about cleaning out every last bit of dirt. You're much better off removing the ring before doing anything that could make it dirty. That may take getting used to, but once you see how much easier it is to keep the ring looking good when you remove it before doing anything like this, you'll quickly get into the habit of taking it off and keeping it safe before you make your signature meat dish or relandscape your yard.

Benefits From Commercial Cleaners

Platinum doesn't tarnish as easily as silver does, which means that gentle liquid soap and brushing should be enough to keep the filigree clean. But platinum eventually will discolor if you don't care for it, or if you expose it to a lot of harsh cleaning products over time. Because the details in filigree can trap the tarnish along with dirt, you really want to look for a commercial platinum cleaning solution. A dip in this, according to package directions, can restore the platinum to its usual shine. Do take care to protect diamonds and other stones in the ring if the cleaning solution instructions say to do so; they aren't kidding.

Filigree, whether it's antique or new, is a feature you'll treasure. Establish a regular cleaning routine for all your jewelry so that the filigree stays in great shape. For more information on original filigree antique diamond and platinum rings, contact a professional near you.