Men's Bracelets to Wear with a Denim Jacket

5 April 2023
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One of the fun things about shopping for men's bracelets is that you can buy all sorts of these pieces of jewelry to go with different outfits. While you might want a specific type of bracelet to wear when you dress up in a suit, there are other options that may appeal to you when you're dressed casually. If you frequently enjoy wearing a denim jacket, you might want to buy some bracelets that will pair well with this garment. This can especially be true if you occasionally roll up the jacket's sleeves so that your wrists are visible. Here are some bracelets that can work well with a denim jacket.

Wooden Beads

Denim jackets tend to have a casual look, which means that choosing bracelets that also look casual is a good idea. One option that can work well is a bracelet that is made of wooden beads. These bracelets are available in all sorts of styles, with a multitude of sizes, colors, and wood-type options. Some wooden beads look worn even when they're new, which may be a style that particularly appeals to you if you have a distressed denim jacket.

Leather Band

Another bracelet that can work well with a denim jacket is a leather band bracelet. These bracelets tend to have a simple look, and they can vary in thickness and color. You'll see a variety of different textures when you shop, too. Some of these bracelets have a smooth surface, while others can be stamped to have an elaborate design. Leather and wood often work well together, so you may wish to wear this type of bracelet next to a wooden bead bracelet if you like having a stacked bracelet look. If not, you may opt to wear one of each bracelet type on each wrist.

Link Bracelet

There are lots of different metal link bracelets on the market that can work well with a denim jacket. While a shiny link bracelet can pair well with a suit, many men favor wearing link bracelets that have other finishes when they're wearing denim. For example, you might focus on link bracelets that have a slightly worn or even tarnished appearance. These designs have a rustic quality that makes them a better fit with denim that links that look pristine. Shop for each of these types of men's bracelets at a jewelry store in your community.

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