Information On Fine Silver

22 July 2021
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Fine silver is a type of metal that consists of 99.9% pure silver. This silver is highly recognizable and appreciated for its beauty. However, there are also other benefits that fine silver has to offer. If you are interested in learning more about fine silver, then continue reading this guide on fine silver: 

Facts About Fine Silver

Something that is important to know about fine silver is that it is a very soft metal, so it isn't generally used to make jewelry pieces that can be easily damaged. Instead, fine silver is reserved for more dainty pieces of jewelry that will be cherished and treated with care. 

For example, fine silver is sometimes used to make very sparkly and gorgeous dangling earrings. The fact that the silver is soft won't normally matter, since earrings aren't known for being put under the amount of stress and use as other jewelry items like rings will be put under. 

Benefits of Fine Silver

Along with a beautiful look, fine silver also comes with the benefit of not tarnishing as quickly as other metals. Therefore, those fabulous-looking pieces of jewelry will maintain their lustrous and reflective appearance much longer. 

Fine Silver vs. Sterling Silver

Since fine silver is so soft, it is mixed with another metal, such as copper for example. When it is mixed with a harder metal, it will become a type of silver that can be used to make jewelry that will last. Sterling silver is a sought-after metal, and it contains at least 92.5% pure silver. However, that small part of other metal that's been mixed with it will help to produce jewelry that will last and still look great. One thing to know is that having the copper in the silver will cause it to tarnish a little easier than fine silver would. However, a silver polish can easily take care of that tarnish. 

It's important to understand that fine jewelry is also a general term that is used to describe jewelry that is made from precious metals like gold, platinum, or silver, as well as gemstones like rubies and diamonds. So, when you are looking for fine silver jewelry, know whether you want the 99.9% silver or sterling silver, both of which can be used to create fantastic pieces.

For more information on buying pieces of jewelry made of fine silver, contact a jewelry store in your area.