Choosing What To Sell

30 March 2021
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The ability to walk into an office or store and sell gold for cash has made life a lot easier for many people. Whether they needed the cash or just wanted to get some money for items they didn't want anymore, that cash infusion no doubt helped. If you haven't sold gold before, you're in for a treat because this process is very easy. However, there is something you need to be aware of: Even if you truly don't want any of the gold pieces you're selling, don't sell everything at once if you don't absolutely need to. You can always sell more later, but waiting to sell a few pieces may be a good move.

Prices Can Change

You may need a certain amount of cash and are thus selling a certain amount of gold; that's understandable. If you're thinking of selling additional gold pieces just to get rid of them though, you might want to hold those back and see how gold prices do. While gold tends to trend upward, it can be volatile, and the price can fall and then rise up again. It could be that the price you're getting now is in one of those valleys instead of one of the hills. Follow gold spot prices and see what the trend is before selling everything.

Match the Pieces You Sell to the Money You Need

Try to match the value of the pieces to the amount you need to get, for simplicity's sake. If you need $1,600, and you have a 1-oz gold coin that could fetch $1,700, there's no reason to pile up smaller coins and gold chains to add up to the $1,600. In fact, you want to try to save smaller items for times when you need a little fast cash.

Pay Attention to Gut Feelings About Those "Unsure" Pieces

As you sort through the gold you want to sell, some will be items you just no longer want or need. Other pieces may set off a gut reaction, such as what if you need to give someone a gift? That gold bracelet might be a nice one, right? Pay attention to those gut feelings because, as already mentioned, you can go back and sell more gold later if you decide you really don't want to keep that piece. But if you instead find a use for the piece, you'll be glad you waited.

Selling gold won't take long; the person you speak to just has to verify the purity of the gold and weigh it. Payments are usually in cash, though for very large hauls, the gold buyer may have additional payment methods.

For more information or help when you are ready to sell your gold, contact a local gold buyer.