Traveling With Fine Jewelry

4 November 2016
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The addition of a piece of jewelry can complete any outfit. If you are planning to go on vacation, then you will want to take some jewelry pieces with you to ensure you can accessorize your outfits while you are away from home.

Traveling with fine jewelry can be tricky, but keeping these three tips in mind will help you successfully travel with your favorite jewelry pieces in the future.

1. Prevent necklaces from getting tangled while inside your suitcase.

When your necklaces get jostled inside your suitcase during transit, the delicate chains can become tangled. These tangles can weaken the metal and result in breaks or unsightly bends, and they are also a pain to remove when you want to wear a necklace you have packed.

You can prevent your necklaces from becoming tangled on your next vacation by using some drinking straws. Simply run one end of the chain through the straw, then fasten the necklace when the chain's end comes out the other side of the straw. This will help to keep your necklaces neat and orderly inside your suitcase.

2. Keep your earrings organized.

Many earrings are small enough to get lost inside of a suitcase when you are traveling away from home. If you want to avoid spending time searching for a matching pair of earrings on your next vacation, it's essential that you use a system to keep these fine jewelry items organized.

Placing earrings on buttons can be a simple and effective way to keep pairs together. Just put the post of each earring through one of the holes in the button, and secure the earrings in place with their backs. The buttons will keep matching sets together and help to prevent smaller earrings from getting lost inside your suitcase. To take it a step further, pair earrings with the blouse or jacket for the day and pin them right to the clothes.

3. Encase your jewelry to protect pieces from damage.

Ensuring that your fine jewelry items don't sustain any damage while you are traveling should be a top priority. Once you have placed necklaces inside of a straw and secured your earrings to buttons, you should encase these items in plastic wrap.

Place all your accessories onto a sheet of plastic, then add another sheet of plastic over the top and seal the jewelry pieces inside. You can then wrap the plastic in a towel to prevent precious stones from being knocked loose during transit.

Knowing how to pack your fine jewelry items will ensure that you are able to successfully travel with your favorite jewelry pieces in the future. For more care tips, contact a company like Elite Jewelry and Loan.