Must Know Coin Flaws That Could Potentially Mean Big Bucks And Value

25 July 2016
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If you are like many people, you may view coins as money that you use to pay for things. You may have never taken the time to think about owning a valuable coin. Perhaps it is a matter that you associate with prestigious collectors. Everyone could benefit from knowing about basic minting flaws that could make coins worth dollars. This is because you never know when a rare coin could get mixed into circulation. Knowing a few basic, distinguishing flaws could help you to identify rare coins and collect money from selling them. The condition of the coins you come across will also affect their value.  Here are some flaws to be aware of.


The off center coin flaw is one that occurs when blank coins are partially struck. The end result will be coins that have partial imprints but also have a noticeable amount of blank space. There are circulated and uncirculated coins with off-center flaws. 

Proof Error

This type of flaw is done intentionally during the minting process. Minting techs use blank coins to produce errors. These coins will likely not be found in circulation. They are produced in controlled minting processes, inspected, and usually auctioned in sets. After being purchased, they may be added to coin collections. Some collectors may sell pieces of their collections individually. It is also possible that coins with proof errors may be sold as part of estate sales. 

Die Cap

A die cap flaw occurs when a coin gets trapped in the upper portion of the die. Any new coins that pass through will have the reverse view of the trapped coin. Think of it as a mirror image of the stuck coin being imprinted on the blank coins that pass through. The original coin that got trapped in the die will eventually take on a new shape that is reminiscent of an old-fashioned thimble or bottle cap. You can find coins with this flaw in circulation as well as uncirculated options. 

Partial Collar

Partial collar flaws occur when coins pass through the die in an incorrect position. The result of the striking is that the sides of the affected coins will have a barely visible band. The band may also appear only at the rim of the affected coins or a half-band is created.  There are uncirculated and circulated coins with partial collar flaws. 

If you come across a coin that you think may be valuable, a pawn shop that offers coin buyer services is a good resource to use. Keep in mind that uncirculated coins will hold a higher value due to their pristine condition. Other factors such as the age and rareness of coins may also impact value.