Tired of Lost and Tangled Jewelry? 4 Tips to Store Your Jewelry Safely and Easily

19 November 2015
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If you have jewelry, you know how difficult it can be to keep things from getting tangled. Even with the best care, you can end up with a snarled mess of necklaces and bracelets. You can also end up with mismatched pairs of earrings by losing one of each set. Jewelry boxes help, but your necklaces can still get tangled inside the compartments. Here are four simple ways to store your jewelry and prevent tangles.

Reach for the Straws

Those straws that you use for your drinks can also be used to prevent tangled necklaces and single-strand bracelets. Unclasp your necklace and feed one end through the straw. There should be one part of the clasp dangling from each end of the straw. Clasp the necklace so that part of it is still secured inside the straw. The straw will prevent tangling. If the necklace is too short to clasp around a full-size straw, cut the straw to fit. When storing bracelets, cut the straws in half.

Think Daily Pills

You've probably seen those plastic pill containers that are used to organize daily medications. They're perfect for organizing earrings and rings, too. Place one set of earrings or one ring in each compartment and then close the case. Because your earrings are stored as pairs, you'll won't have to worry about losing them inside the jewelry box or on your counter top.

Key Organizers

The key organizers that you hang on the wall to keep from losing your keys can also be used to prevent tangled necklaces. They'll also clear up valuable counter space. Hang several key organizers on the wall in your bedroom. Hang your necklaces on each key hook. Your necklaces will be safe from tangles and easily accessible when you need them.

Repurpose Your Hangers

If you have extra hangers in your closet, you can use them to store your necklaces and bracelets. Placing your necklaces on hangers will allow them to hang freely and avoid tangles. Using hangers will also allow you to keep your jewelry near your clothing, which will make it easier to accessorize while you're choosing your outfit.

There's nothing worse than dealing with a tangled jewelry mess when you're trying to get ready or finding out that one of your earrings is lost somewhere in the house. Use these simple tips to keep your jewelry safe, tangle-free, and easy to get to when you need it. Conversely, if you're looking for new jewelry, order from websites like http://sparklepop.com and then utilize these organizing ideas to keep them in new condition.