Holiday Shopping: How To Tell The Difference Between Fashion & Fine Jewelry

12 November 2015
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As the holiday gift season begins, it is not uncommon to have to shop for an item that you are not familiar with. If your loved one has expressed an interest in getting some jewelry as a gift this holiday season, make sure you know if they want fashion jewelry or fine jewelry. You also need to make sure that you can tell the difference between fashion and fine jewelry while out shopping for their gift this holiday season.

Fashion Jewelry

The first thing you need to know is that fashion jewelry may be labeled as costume jewelry. Both of these terms refer to the same type of jewelry.

Fashion jewelry is generally made from material that is not expensive. Fashion jewelry also does not contain a lot of precious material, although it may contain a small amount of base metals in the jewelry piece, such as gold or silver. However, the piece will not be made predominately from precious metals. Fashion jewelry is generally does not contain any precious stones, either.

Fashion jewelry generally takes advantage of others types of materials, such as glass, acrylics and plastics. It also takes advantage of natural materials, such as feathers in its design.

Fashion jewelry tends to be colorful and tends to embrace seasonal design trends.

In general, fashion jewelry is more affordable than fine jewelry. You can easily score a piece of fashion jewelry for under $20. However, there are also designers that specialize in fashion jewelry, and their pieces may carry much higher price tags.

If you walk into a clothing store aimed at teenagers and young adults, most of the jewelry displayed in the store is going to be fashion jewelry. Department stores may also carry fashion jewelry along with fine jewelry. The fashion jewelry will likely not be in the locked glass cases, but will be more accessible.

Fine Jewelry

You are not going to find fine jewelry inside of clothing stores aimed at teenagers. You will find fine jewelry behind a counter inside of a department store, or in a store dedicated solely to selling fine jewelry, like Mollie B Distinctively Different Fine Jewelry.

Fine jewelry is generally made from precious metals and stones. Some examples of fine jewelry include:

  • Diamond necklace
  • Opal and Diamond Pendant With White Gold
  • Diamond Earrings
  • Gold Earnings
  • Pearl Necklace
  • Pearl Bracelet

Fine jewelry generally embraces styles and trends that are more timeless and lasting. Fine jewelry is also generally much more expensive than fashion jewelry.

When your loved one says or hints that they want jewelry as a gift this holiday season, make sure you understand what they are looking for. If you are not sure, ask for clarification before you go shopping. Both fashion and fine jewelry make great gifts if that is what your loved one is looking for.