3 Tips For Your New Beaded Jewelry Business

2 September 2015
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When you want to start and successfully run a bead business, there are a number of important steps that you must follow. By taking advantage of the advice laid out in this article, you can potentially maximize on your beaded jewelry sales and the way that your business operates overall. 

Consider Wholesaling To Stores

When looking to maximize on your jewelry business, you need to think about the most advantageous sales strategies. In terms of maximizing on exposure, selling your beaded jewelry wholesale is one of the best ways to go. This allows you to take full advantage of the built-in clientele that a store already has.

When approaching stores to sell them jewelry, you need to be sure that you utilize pieces that can be produced as close to identically as possible for widespread production. This means that these pieces may need to be a bit more scaled-back than your most precious custom pieces. From here, you'll need to draw up some line sheets so the store can begin placing orders for which pieces they want so that you can fulfill them by your deadline.

Find Excellent Wholesale Jewelry Beads

Whether you're going to sell your pieces to stores or on your own online storefront, you need to get the best deals possible on beads. This means that you should turn to a bead importer or a bead wholesaler in order to get high-quality pieces and retain some profits. Make sure that you search for hard-to-find beads so that your jewelry stands out from other jewelers. Excellent rare beads, when matched with creative designs, create endless opportunities to reach new customers and retain your current customer base.

Put Some "You" Into Your Jewelry Business

Many jewelers make the mistake of not adding up enough personality to their business. Keep in mind that jewelry is not a necessity, so this is largely an emotional purchase for people. Because of that reason, you will need to create an ethic and mission around your business that draws people in and makes them gravitate toward you as a person, not just your products. Themed jewelry or fan-based jewelry is a good starting point. For instance, creating jewelry inspired by popular movies, celebs, book characters, etc. will help you find a good niche market. This way, you will be developing lifelong customers as opposed to one-timers.

Beaded jewelry businesses can give you what you need to become your own boss and make money doing something that you love. It takes some hard work and energy, but the fruits of your labor will be priceless. Follow the tips in this article and it will give you a great frame of mind to keep as you move forward with your jewelry business.